One Piece: Nejimaki Jima no Daibouken

One Piece: Nejimaki Jima no Daibouken photo
English title One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure
Japanese Title ワンピース ねじまき島の冒険
Type movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 55
Air Date 2001-03-03
End Date 2017-12-30
Producers Fuji Pacific Music Publishing Shueisha
Producers Toei Animation

<p>Informed by the Thief Brothers his ship has been stolen by the Trump Kyoudai (Trump Siblings) who have set up base on Clockwork Island. Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Going Merry and aspiring Pirate King works with his crew - Ussop, Zoro, Sanji and Nami to battle their way up Clockwork Island to reclaim their ship.</p><p> (Source: ANN)</p>

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